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Hello and welcome to our brand new website devoted to Degus. Degus, (Pronounced Day-Goos) are becoming very popular as pets, hence the need for this website. Please enjoy your stay and remember to visit our discussion forum.

Please click on the image below to enter our discussion forum - new members always welcome!
Our forum is devoted to degus and is a place where Degu owners can talk to other owners from around the world, and discuss their views on caring for them.
New members are always welcome, join today!
Now looking for moderators - Please see post in forum for details!



Website Updates

Website updates will be added here:-
NEW- Discussion forum now open!
NEW- Degu Chat Room!
NEW- Links page (Please contact me if interested in link exchange)
Note: This website is updated regularly.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to Degu-Mania at:

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