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Degu FAQ
Degu FAQ
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Degu F.A.Q

Hello and welcome to the Degu F.A.Q. On this page you will find some answers to frequantly asked questions.
Q) Do Degus make good pets?
A) Yes, in the right hands Degus are excellent pets. They are friendly, intelligent and always make you laugh! Of course, you must research them properly before taking the plunge and getting a pair or more.
Q) Do Degus make good pets for children?
A) I don't like to classify pets as "Good with children" or "not good with children". Degus have individual personalities and so it depends on both the Child & the Degu. Generally though, Degus can make good pets for responsible children that know how to look after and handle Degus properly.
Q) Are Degus difficult to keep? Are they time consuming?
A) As with all pets, Degus do have special care requirements however, i wouldn't classify them as high-maintenance pets. They need out of cage time daily, a controlled diet and quite importantly attention though!
Q) What colours do Degus come in?
A) Degus are generally the Agouti colour. Fairly recently different colours have been bred such as Blue & Grey, but it is very unlikely you will come accross these.

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