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Envioroment Enrichment 

As we mentioned before, toys are very important for your Degu. There are many different types of toys including wheels, chew blocks, tunnels etc. These all provide great mental stimulation for your Degu!
Things around the house that your Degu will enjoy using include:
Boxes: These will be used to chew up, play with and sleep in. Cereal boxes are the best to use as they don't contain any poisonous materials.
Carboard Tubes: Most small pets including Degus love these. They will chew them up and use it as bedding or just toss it around the cage! Be careful your Degu doesn't get his head stuck, cut it up if you think he will!
Rabbit/Guinea Pig toys: Most of these are usually suitable for Degus. Even if they wont go in the cage well, they are great for out of cage playtime!
Hammocks: These are great, they will be used to sleep in and jump on etc!
Bird Toys: These provide a great chew toy for your Degu. It is important that your Degu has things to chew, as their teeth continuously grow!
Some other mental stimulisation ideas include:
Making it harder to get food:
If your pet has to search for his food, it is like a little game! There are toys available like special balls that they have to push along for the food to fall out, these are good! 
NOTE:** It is very important that your Degu has a companion. It is easier to get 2 young Degus at the same time, but if you have one try to introduce another Degu of the same sex which is under 12 weeks of age.

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